Coca-Cola Collection Page

Vehicles (Cars, Trucks, etc)

Matchbox Collectibles Coke Cruisers (1/43 Scale)
1953 Chevrolet Corvette
1955 Ford Thunderbird
1970 Ford Mustang Boss 429
1968 Chevy Camaro
1967 Pontiac GTO
1957 Chevy Bel Air
The Enduring Character Edition (Matchbox 1/64 scale)
1998 Jeep Wrangle
1967 VW Transporter
1969 Camaro SS-396
Polar Bear Fantasy Edition (Matchbox Collectibles 1/64 scale)
1998 Ford Expedition
1998 Camaro SS Convertible
Ford Box Van
Chevy Transporter Bus
1997 Chevy Corvette
1999 Ford Mustang Hardtop
Matchbox Collectibles Collection (1/64 Scale)
1955 Ford Transit Van
1962 VW Beetle
1953 Jaguar XJ120
1957 Corvette
*Still Need: 1921 Ford Model T
Matchbox Collectibles (3.0" - 2002)
1960 Dodge Dart Phoenix
1998 Mercedes-Benz A-Class/Classe A
1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28
*Still Need: 1960 MGA Convertible, 1967 VW Transporter, 1970 Pontiac GTO, 1938 Dodge Airflow, 1967 VW Delivery Van, 1998 Ford Box Van
Canadian Coca-Cola Matchbox Car Set (1:64)
Police Launch Boat
MGF 1-8i
Ford Mustang Cobra
Chevey TRansporter Van
Ford Falcon
Mercedes-Benz S500
Matchbox Collectibles 50th Anniversary Collection (1/69 Scale)
2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac (#4 of 6)
1993 Mazda RX-7(#5 of 6)
1999 Audi TT Roadster (#6 of 6)
*Still Need:1999 Concept 1 VW Beetle Convertible,
1967 VW Bus, 1998 Jeep Wrangler
Matchbox Collectibles 50th Anniversary Convertibles (1/69 Scale)
1996 BMW Z3
1998 MGF 1.8i Roadster - Charcoal
1999 Ford Mustang - Red
1999 Dodge Viper RT/10 - Black
1995 Volkswagen Concept 1 - Red
*Still Need:1999 Audi TT Roadster (White)
Norman Rockwell Matchbox Collectible (4.5")
1930 Ford Model A
1937 GMC
1948 Dodge Route Van
1926 Ford Model TT
1948 GMC
*Still Need: 1937 Dodge Airflow
Matchbox Coca-Cola "Play Refreshed" Collection (3.0")
1979 Chevy Corvette
1994 Ford Mustang Cobra
*Still Need: 1970 Pontiac GTO, 1996 Pontiac Firebird Ram-Air, 1971 Chevy Camero Z-28, 1968 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet
Matchbox Coca-Cola "Have A Coke And A Smile" Collection (3.0")
Chrysler Panel Cruiser
Ford Focus
Mercedes-Benz ML 430
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Chevrolet Van
*Still Need: FJ Holden
Matchbox 5 Pack Gift Set (1/64 Scale)
Alfa Romeo, 4X4 Chevy Van, Chevy Tahoe, BMW 850i, Opel Calibra
Johnny Lightning Calendar Girls Collection (1:64 scale)
1920 Ford T-Bucket Roadster (Calendar January 1925)
1957 Chevy Bel Air Hardtop (Calendar Sept/Oct 1957)
1955 Chevy Cameo Pickup(Calendar Nov/Dec 1955)
1949 Mercury Woody (Calendar may/April 1949)
1940 Ford Panel Delivery (Calendar Sept/Oct 1941)
1929 Ford Model A Pick-Up (Calendar Jan/Feb 1927)
Military Willys Jeep (Calendar May/June 1943)
1940 Mercury Coupe (Calendar Jan/Feb 1949)
1933 Ford Sedan Delivery (Calendar Jan/Feb 1908)
1953 Buick Super (Calendar Jan/Feb 1956)
1941 Chevy Special Deluxe Wagon (Calendar May/June 1946)
1954 Chevy Corvette (July/August 1954)
Americana Collection (1:64 Scale)
1997 Dodge Viper GTS
*Still Need: 2000 Chevy Camaro Convertible,
1970 Ford Mustang Fastback, 1966 Volkswagon Beetle,
1959 Cadillac Eldorado, 1956 Chevy Bel Air Convertivle
Cars (Other Makers)
1998 Monte Carlo Race Car (Hasbro 1/64 scale)
1997 Coca-Cola 600 Monte Carlo Race Car (1/43 scale)
1934 Ford V8 Raodster (Solido - 1/19 scale)
1958 Volkswagon Beetle (Solido - 1/18 scale)
1956 Chevy 3100 Pickup (Matchbox Collectibles 1/43 Scale)
Kenworth Cab/Trailer (Matchbox 97)
Coca-Cola Delivery Truck (1/19 scale)
Coca-Cola Delivery Truck (Made in China)
Model A Coca-Cola Woody Wagon (Lledo PLC - SL7000)
M2 Machines
1960 VW Delivery Van (NMD01) (1:64 Scale, Mfg. 2021)
Other Vehicles
Pewter Train Set 1 (Engine, Caboose, Polar Bear Car,
Ice-Cube Car, Logo Car, Sun Car, and Coca-Cola Bottle Car)
*Still need: Sun Car
Coca-Cola Can Airplane
Coca-Cola Can Motorcycle

Beanies, Bottles, Pins, Other

International Beanies (1999 Series)
Set 1 - 1999 (#0211-#0220)
Set 2 - 1999 (#0221-#0230)
Set 3 - 1999 (#0231-#0240)
Set 4 - 1999 (#0241-#0250)
Set 5 - 1999 (#0251-#0260)
International Beanies (2000 Series)
Indonesia "Fire" the Flying Dragon (#0343)
Taiwan "Duckles" the Mandarin Duck (#0333)
Austria "Sailor" the Swan (#0330)
Norway "Tides" the Killer Whale (#0345)
Peru "Jose" the Jaguar (#0351)
USA "Crooner" the Raccoon (#0365)
Elf Beanies (2001 Series)
Elf in Black Snowflakes Outfit
Elf in White with Bottle Caps Outfit
Elf in Dark Green Suit
Elf in Green Splash Outfit
Elf in Red Coca-Cola Disk Outfit
Elf in Red and White Stripped Outfit
Coca-Cola Plush Beanies
Polar Bear in Sweater #0116 (1998)
Polar Bear with Logo Scarf #0120 (1998)
Walrus with Logo Scarf #0124 (1998)
Polar Bear with Cab Driver cap (1998)
Polar Bear in Basebal Jersey #0261(1999)
Polar Bear in Suspenders #0288 (1999)
Millenium Set
Polar Bear in 2000 Hat #0277 (1999)
Polar bear in 2000 Vest #0278 (1999)
*Still need: Seal and Penguin
Christmas 2001-02 6.5" Set
Polar Bear with Santa Hat
Sitting Polar Bear
Penquin with Bow Tie
Seal With Ball
Cub with Scarf
The Collectors Classic Polar Bears
Bear in Red T-Shirt - October 24, 1998 (#0184)
Bear in Green T-Shirt - October 28, 2000
Coca-Cola Plush
Polar Bear: Always Coca-Cola Chest Button (1993)
Plush/Beanies Accessories
Coca-Cola Collectible Beanie and Plush Book
Commerative Bottles (Team Sports)
Pacific Bell Park Opening 4/11/2000 (8 oz bottle)
49er's Summer Home - Summer 1998 (Full 8oz bottle)
Superbowl XXXV Tampa, FL (Full 8 oz bottle)
Superbowl XXXVI New Orleans - Wrong Date (Full 8oz bottle)
2003 NCAA Final Four - New Orleans (Full 8 oz bottle)
2004 NCAA Final Four - San Antonio (Wrapped full 8oz bottle)
1997 NHL All Star Weekend San Jose (8oz full bottle)
Best of The Bay (1993)
San Francisco Giants (Empty 8oz bottle)
San Francisco 49ers (Empty 8oz bottle)
San Jose Sharks (Full 8oz bottle)
Golden State Warriors (Full 8oz bottle)
Oakland Raiders (Full 8oz bottle)
Oakland As (Full 8oz bottle)
Phoenix Suns 25 Years (Full 8oz Bottles in Carrier)
1993 Western Conf. Champions - Jerry Colangelo (2)
Connie Hawkins Autograph
Alvin Adams Autograph
Dick VanArsdale Autograph
Paul Westphal Autograph
Commerative Bottles (Christmas)
2006 75th Anniversary Santa (Full 8oz bottle)
Wrapped 2006 75th Anniversary Sundblum Santa (8oz full bottle)
Merry X-Mas 1997 Hard Rock Cafe (8oz full bottle)
Commerative Bottles (Olympics)
1984 Los Angeles Olympics (Full 10oz bottle)
100 Years Of Olympic History - Atlanta 1996 (Full 8oz bottle)
Olympic Flags Bottle - Salt Lake 2002 (Full 8oz bottle w/tube)
Commerative Bottles (Misc.)
100 Years Of Coca-Cola Bottling in California (Full 8oz bottle)
The Coca-Cola Racing Family - Nascar (Full 8 oz bottle)
Disney "California Adventure" Grand Opening 2001 (Full 8oz bottle)
1999 Collector's Classic (Full 8 oz bottle)
2000 Collector's Classic (Full 8 oz bottle)
2003 World Of Coca-Cola Las Vegas (Full 8 oz bottle)
2003 World Of Coca-Cola Las Vegas - Summer (Full 8 oz bottle)
Disney 100 Years of Magic (Full 8 oz bottle in tube) - Dec. 2001
Celebrate Mickey 75 InspEARations (Full 8 oz bottle)
Wrapped Disney 50 Happiest of Homecoming on Earth (8oz full bottle)
Graceland, Memphis, Tennesse 1995 (8oz full bottle)
1978-2008 SF Pier 39 30th Anniversary (8oz full bottle)
Ceramic Figurines
Bear Baseball Player (1995)
Bear Hockey Player (1995)
Bear Football Player (1995)
Dec.22, 1934 Santa/Cola Tear Sheet (Sat. Evening Post)
1952 "Hospitality can be so easy" (Advertisement page)
"Things Go Better With Coke" Carry Cooler
Pins (Misc.)
"I Love (Heart) Coca-Cola" Pin
Coke Pin Set - Sports
Ghostbuster Pin Backs
Canada Olymic Maple Leaf Pin
Coca-Cola 49ers Pin (1985)
Polar Bear Skiing (Slalom) Pin
Coca-Cola Slogan Pins(1916-1949) : Set of 10
Coca-Cola Delivery Truck Pins: Set of 6
1948 Rounded Back Truck, 1948 Panel Truck,
1949 Wood Side Panel Truck, 1920 Delivery Truck with Sign,
1920 Delivery Truck with Coke bottles,
1928 Delivery Truck with Coke cases
Pins (Olympics)
2002 Salt Lake City Olympic Coca-Cola Pins
1996 Atlanta "Always Coca-Cola" Olympic Purple Triangle Quilt
1992 USA Olympic Sponser (Coca-Cola/Pharx-mor 12 pin set)
- Includes: Barcelona 1992(2), Olympic Rings(2), Pharxmor,
  USA Boxing, Soccer, Baseball, Wrestling, Gymnastics, Diving,
  Swimming, Track and Field, Volleyball(2), Cycling
1992 Olympic Flag Pin USA
1992 Olympic Flag Pin Japan
1992 Olympic Flag Pin Spain
"Coca-Cola" Olympic Winter Sports
Bear Skating
Bear Downhill Skiing
Bear Cross-Country Skiing
Bears Bobsledding
Sports Bear on Luge
"Be Really Refreshed" Tray (1992)
"Always Coca-Cola" Tray (From Ukraine)
Betty Boop
Betty Boop Soda Jerk Salt and Pepper Shaker (#11330)
Betty Boop Racing Car Salt and Pepper Shaker (#11331)
Betty Boop Car Box (1340 of 4800 - #11325)
Straw Dispenser (1992)
Salt and Pepper Shaker with Holder
Coca-Cola Toothpick Dispenser
Tin Coca-Cola Bottle Wall Thermometer
"Ice Cold Coca-Cola Sold Here" Trash Can
"The First 100 Years: Coca-Cola" Book

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