Yodis Family Photo Gallery Page
Just arrived for the opening ceremonies. The team - Pink Martinis with a Twist of Lime - from left to right... Meena, Michelle, Carolyn, Bruce, Julie Goals and who we are walking for. The circle of Survivors We're off Pit Stop 1 all important Porta-Potty Row Some of daily entertainment and support. Some more support - some of the best hookers you ever want to meet. What is it about firemen? We've reached the beach after walking through Harding Park The Pink Martinis with a Twist of Lime (that's Bruce - a little twisted and a little sour) The Cliff House up ahead Followed the trail along the coast through Golden Gate Park, Lincoln Park, and the Presidio Crossed under the Golden Gate Bridge and now looking down at camp at Crissy Field in the Presidio We did it - Day 1 done - about 20 miles total. Starting day 2 going across the Golden Gate Bridge Hookers for Hooters were there to greet us as we came off the bridge Coast Guard support as we came into Pit Stop 1 for day 2. We're now headed towards Sausalito along the bay. Meena walking for her sister Some more big supporters Headed out of Sausalito towards Mill Valley - I'm walking for my sister-in-law Kiki, a breast cancer survivor! Way to go Kiki! Headed back to Sausalito we met the Energizer Bunny (one of the sponsors) Back in Sausalito... ... and headed out back toward the GGB Back on the Golden Gate - where it is now a bit cold and windy. Headed back towards camp Met up with Lowanda - one of our training walk buddies - she always had a good story to help youkeep going when you hit the wall. ...Although I think I was telling her a story at this point to get her past the wall. Made it back to camp after day 2 - another 23 miles. Start of day 3 Problem is we had to park about 1/2 mile away from camp and walk back to the starting line to check in - while others are already beginning Some support from above as we walk the streets of SF on day 3 San Jose Police volunteers who helped all 3 days along the way. There were numerous characters to help cross busy intersections. Bruce and this hooker got pretty close... ...very close Michelle's daughter, sister, and brother-in-law supporting us at one of the cheering stations. I woke up this morning to find the gray in my beard had been replaced with pink. A squeeze a day keeps boredom away. Pit Stop 2.5 (unofficially of course) Arobics before crossing the street Pit Stop 2.75 (another of the frequent unofficial pit stips on day 3) We did it -only 16 miles today which seemed like a breeze -  about 60 miles total.  Yahoo! jquery photo viewerby VisualLightBox.com v5.7