Yodis Family Photo Gallery Page
Carolyn let our neighbors know I was 50. Party at the Hilton hotel near home Josh, Aunt Betty and Mom (Carolyn's) Carolyn and Josh A golf cake - who would have guessed. Carolyn's brother and sister-in-law (Dan and Kasey) Bruce's sister and brother-in-law (Michelle and Jim) with us. Bob, Julie, Gayle, and Keith Michele and Jim Dhanraj, Krishna, and Swami John, Diana, Carol, Bryan, and their daughter Bruce's work group and Bryan (who snuck in there).
		From top to bottom left to right...
		Krishna, Allen, Bruce, Crystal, Swami, Dhanraj, Rob
		Bryan, Shoukat and his wife) Table art - was some one bored? Nikki Mom and Dad Spear's (the in-laws), Susan and Mark Kathy and Mark Opal, Eileen, Tim, and Evelyn Scott, Aunt Betty, and Colin (Bruce's nephew and decorated Iraq war veteren) Meena and Mona (Carolyn's cousin) Samantha (age - 5 weeks) George, Grace, Bruce, and Peter Nancy, Mark, Cheryl, and Rob Bruce's life in photos Everyone needs a bacon wallet. If you were counting that's 6 shirts and one pair of golf shorts - I have a whole new wardrobe. Charlie's Angels Bob and Julie Rob, Cheryl, Mark, and Nancy jquery photo viewerby VisualLightBox.com v5.7