Yodis Family Photo Gallery Page
Carolyn turned 50 on September 16, 2007 (although this party was on the 18th)  Goffs and Earharts Friends from FBCLA days More friends Cousin Mona with Sammi and Scott The Marks and Glenn and Vi Bigss (Carolyn's Uncle and Aunt) Carolyn's siblings with their spouses Aunt Betty and others Meena with Jim and Michele Domke Carolyn visiting with Jim Narva and Rosemarie and her friend Mom and Dad with Rob and Cheryl Trotter The siblings again. Briana, Josh and his friends (Despreet and Corey) Eric (on the right and Silver Peak's CFO) Lauren  and her husband Travis Opal with Carolyn's boss, Kiellie and her husband Andy Sharks groupees, Janice, Julie, and Scott along with a Chicago Blackhawks fan Masashi Nikki Carolyn's cousin Rhonda and her husband Dave  getting food from the hot buffet line. The cold food buffet line. We had a full open bar  The gift table Sharks ticket suppliers Wink and Juanita Corey busts a move Trying to get Daniel to dance Must be a slow dance Calling all dancers DJs Josh and Nikki Gift opening time A Sharks shirt personally signed by her hockey man Patrick Marleau She's finally got an authentic jersey Dan must of had enough to drink to get him up dancing Brent has got the moves! Where the guys gather when they don't want to dance. I thinks Standford was playing. Girls dancing. Guys.... well you already know. Meena, Carolyn, Mom, Renee, and Opal Dad, Mom, and Aunt Betty Aunt Betty encouraging Sammi to dance Don't think she need's anymore encouragement I did say there was an open bar didn't I. Cousins (Briana and Sammi) Time for dessert. The Spears family Carolyn with Uncle Glenn and Aunt Vi  Some people are just mean jquery photo viewerby VisualLightBox.com v5.7