Yodis Family Photo Gallery Page
Getting our picture taken before getting on the ship Our ship, the Carnival Pride Us on one of the decks Gary and Evelyn on the deck The staff of the ship - captain in the middle Dancing in one of the night clubs on board ship Carolyn and Evelyn posing on the stairs during one of the dress up nights Somebody brought an unmatched pair of shoes and ended up wearing black sneakers - we won't mention names, will we Gary Gary and Evelyn celebrated their anniversary on board Getting off to head into Puerto Vallarta Took a tour to a small village outside of Puerto Vallarta Stopped at an outdoor cantina where this band was playing The Mexican Picasso, draws only with his fingers and finger nails At the Blue Shrimp for lunch - their method for a shot - bite of a serano pepper, shot of tequilla, suck on a lime wedge, and chase it with a shot of tomato juice. Back at the port before reboarding the ship Leaving the ship to go into Mazatlan A pirate trys to Shanghai Carolyn A cliff diver on the coast Saw these flying acrobats Carolyn and her buddy, Pancho Villa, at Senor Frogs in Matzalan Pancho is also a medicine man - his cure for everything is a shot of tequilla and then shake your head. Gary getting cured of whatever ails him also. Doing the chicken dance on our chairs at Sr. Frogs Walking back to our ship after Sr. Frogs. After walking 2 miles we decided we had better catch a cab the rest of the way. Today we're headed in to Cabo San Lucas - we are headed back there in June 2005. Gary and Bruce outside Sammy Haggars Cabo Wabo where we had lunch The girls had a good time there also. We're pooped out - time to relax on deck We celebrated our 7th anniversary also The final dinner, Bruce leads the conga-line around the dining hall. jquery photo viewerby VisualLightBox.com v5.7