Yodis Family Photo Gallery Page
We started our vacation at Disney World where we stayed at the "All Star Movies" hotel. As you can see, we stayed in the Toy Story rooms. Here we are at Epcot. Try the Seafood restaurant at the Aquarium - very tasty. We went to Magic Kingdom twice and got poured on (with thunder and lightning) both times. However, we did get to meet Mickey ... and Pluto. Of course, Josh being a teenager would not be caught dead in these pictures. After we sent Josh back to the hotel on the bus, we made a visit to Pleasure Island in Downtown Disney where Carolyn got a chance to relive the disco era. We also made a trip to the Animal Kingdom And to Disney MGM We finished our visit to Disney World with an awesome light show at Disney MGM. We then headed to Jacksonville to visit Bruces Uncle Walter and Aunt Pearl and also met his cousin Joyce (sorry, did not get a picture). Please excuse Aunt Pearls hair, she had not had her hair appointment yet, but we think she looked marvelous. Visiting one of the state beaches near Panama City with Bruces cousin Sharon. We stayed with Al and Sharon a couple nights. Here we are at dinner with them. We then headed up to Huntsville where Carolyn got to visit and spend some time with her sister, Renee. While her daughters, Shana and Amber, practiced for band. And Renees husband, Brent, and Bruce and Josh hung out in the pool 
		We left Alabama and made a stop in Chatanooga to see Ruby Falls and the Tennessee aquarium. Then we headed to Pigeon Forge outside the Smokeys where we saw a Hillbilly HoeDown. Here we are with the star of the show - Elwood Smooch We also took an ATV tour in the Smokeys. When we left Pigeon Forge we went throught the Beautiful Smokey Mountains. Can you see why they call them the Smokeys. On the North Carolina side of the Smokeys we ended up at the Cherokee Indian Reservation. We stopped and shopped and saw some bears and reptiles. We visited Bruces Grandma Yodis and Uncle Paul in Greensboro. We forgot about our camera so these pictures are from Bruces parents visit in August. While there, we also got to meet Bruces cousin Paul Jr, his wife Lauren, and their family. We also got to meet Bruces cousin Heather (Uncle Pauls daughter) and her children. Sorry we did not get to meet Heathers husband Alan (the tall one). We then made a stop in Virginia to visit Bruces cousin Carol, her husband Glenn (not in picture) and Rebecca. We made a stop at Gettysburg to see the battlefields on our way to stay at Bruces cousin Charlottes house in New Jersey. We used Charlotte and Eddies house as a hotel for the last week of our vacation. As you can tell, we enjoyed their hott ub and pool, and also their pool table. We spent an evening visiting Bruces Aunt Joyce and Uncle Wayne. And Bruces cousin Cindy (with her husband John and daughter Heather) And Bruces cousin Christine and her husband George. And his cousin Lee. Yes, that is a reel-to-reel projector - we got to see movies of Bruce as a baby and kid. We also spent a day in Philadelphia visiting the historic section of town. Heres Carolyn and Josh with Indepence HAll behind them. We also spent some time visiting Bruces Uncle Fred, Aunt Ginger, and their kids Peter... ...and Kristi. They took us to see Washingtons Crossing of the Delaware nearby. We had lunch with Charlotte and Eddie and their daughter Shari before catching our plane back to California. jquery photo viewerby VisualLightBox.com v5.7