Yodis Family Photo Gallery Page
(2011) Carolyn with her co-workers (2010) Carolyn The Vampre Slayer (at Santana Row) (2010) Chef Bruce (2009) Carolyn and co-workers (2009) Bruce aka Pancho Villa (2009) Carolyn aka Guitar Hero chick  (2009) Dan and Kasey, straight from the renassance era (2009) Briana aka The Wench (2009) Forest Gump and Paula Dean (2007) Bruce and Carolyn - aka Spiderman and Bat Girl - for our community halloween party (2007) Bat Girl (2007) Spiderman (2007) Spiderman with the Airforce Cadet (2007) Bruces carved pumpkin from the Pumpkin Carving Party later that night (2007) (2007) Carolyns carved pumpkin (2007) (2007) Bruces halloween getup for work (2007) Carolyns halloween getup for work (2004) We did a Mad Scientist Lab in the back of our garage this year (2004) Carolyn was the mad scientist (2004) Bruce was Igor (2004) Looking for more blood and body parts (2004) Josh was the living manequin (2001) Carolyn and Josh awaiting visitors to "The Haunted Garage" (2001) Bruce and Josh prepare to scare visitors to "The Haunted Garage" (2001) The grave yard scene (2001) The scene of cut off heads (2001) The Water-Bottle Man awaits those who dare to enter. (2001) The screaming head scene (2001) Spider and skeleton scene. (2000) Josh and Dale and some guy in the trunk (2000) Carolyn the Butcher and her side kick Bruce (2000) If you can tell what Bruce is... let us know. (1999) Bruce The Ripper (1999) Carolyn The Witch (1999) JoshThe ?? (1999) In our haunted garage (1999) Haunted garage (1999) Haunted garage (1999) Haunted garage jquery photo viewerby VisualLightBox.com v5.7