Yodis Family Photo Gallery Page
Princevile Prince Course arrival 5th Hole looking back from tee of hole 6 - 5th and 6th holes along the road entering Princeville). Sorry - forgot to get the camera out untill the 6th tee box. 6th Hole (bunkers are a ways down the fairway - so aim at them and your approach shot should be simple) 7th Hole - par 3 tee shot is all over a large ravine - long  or right is ok - short or left is very bad) 7th green View from hole 7 green Another view from hole 7 green 8th Hole (as far as views from the tee box - I don't think you can beat this) 8th fairway - green left and behind bunker 9th Hole (aim tee shot to small building down past the fairway - if you get in the bermuda grass on the left it'll be hard to get to the green on your next shot) 10th Hole - par 5: big risk reward hole (hit the driver to the left side avoiding ravine and bunkers. Then go with a wood over 200 yards of ravine (or no risk and hit 2nd shot down the fairway) 11th Hole (par 3 - aim at the little hill on the right side of green and let the wind carry it to the middle or left side of the green - do not miss left) 11th Hole view 12th Hole(10 storys down hill - take drive over the edge of the trees on the left side of the fairway) 13th Hole (green to the right - lay up short of the ravine or try to hit a driver over the ravine but fairway is very narrow on the other side) 14th Hole (par 3 -  again aim right of the green at the bunker and let the wind carry it to the middle of the green - do not need extra club) 14th green - why you can't miss left 14th Hole view 15th Hole (par 5 - 280 yards to ravine at the middle section from the white tees - blast it down there then 2nd shot is to the left over the ravine.) 15th fairway and green Between 15th and 16th holes Other side of the bridge between 15th and 16th holes 16th Hole (looks like you can cut the corner but you can't - so don't try) 17th Hole (left side looks open but you won't find you ball if it goes left - to the right either - so aim down the middle) View from the 17th tee box 18th Hole (from the fairway) 18th Hole looking back at tee box (you have to carry the ravine and stay out of the bunkers on either side of the fairway - #1 handicap hole although doesn't look like it - but very hard to par especially with wind) 18th (view behind 18th tee box) jquery photo viewerby VisualLightBox.com v5.7