Yodis Family Photo Gallery Page
Houseboat on Lake Shasta June 2002. View of Mount Shasta from our houseboat. Some views of the lake...   Picture of the houseboat docked for the night. The back porch provided a place for our toys and a water slide. Front porch with a BBQ. Some of our toys close by, ready for use. Some people rode the waver runner. Even Carolyn got on the waverunner once (she learned before not to ride double with Bruce) While some swam and floated around in the lake... ...others head out to water ski.... ...or ride the giant floating banana. How many people does it take to fly a kite? Obviously more than seven. The Bald Eagle (in the tree) watches patiently. Ahhh! Finally!!! Now its time for a water fight (one of many). Then its time for more water skiing (heres Carolyn). Dwight pulls his sweetie (Sandy) behind. Then Larry finally gets up. And even kneeboards - he can do it all. Mount Lassen (in the background) as we head back to the houseboat for dinner. The sun goes down on our last night there. Back at the resort as we drop off the boat. Bruce resting as he waits to head back out on the lake. Larry puts the lotion on thick before heading out. Then its back out on the lake for more fun before heading home.   jquery photo viewerby VisualLightBox.com v5.7