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No Greater Light

by Suzanne Dean

There was no family doctor,
There was no midwife there--
Just a loving husband,
A donkey, and a mare.

There was no bed with linens,
And no comfort for this wife;
No help at all was given
For the bringing forth of life.

But, in the quiet hours
As her time was growing nigh,
She met the pain of labor
With faith in God on high.

And, soon fulfilled the promise
That a Savior would be born
Within a lowly stable
Before the break of morn.

The Savior breathed the breath
Of life, and it all began,
For here was born the Prince of Peace--
At last, the Son of Man.

There was no special clothing,
Nor cradle for the king;
Swaddling clothes to wrap him in
Was all that they could bring.

Yet, here within the stable
As the animals watched on,
The light of God shone all around
And warmed them until dawn.

The legionnaires of Caesar
That occupied the inn
Had no idea how very near
The miracle they'd been.

That night there were a very few
Who really understood--
Just those who prayed for answers,
Whose hearts were kind and good.

They knew he would be coming
To bring light to the earth,
And long had watched to see the star
That signified his birth.

And high above the stable
It shone as if to say
The world would long remember
This morn as Christmas day.

And even though there were so few
To celebrate that night,
There's been no sweeter miracle--
There's been no greater light!