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Within A Moment

by Cynthia L Feroce

Imagine the starlight,
Crisp and clear,
Snow sparkling diamonds,
Blue hue of the moon.

Deeply breathe the air,
Cloud of mist you dispel,
To gaze upon the heavens,
Feeling winters hushed chill.

All is quiet, all is still,
In disbelief you see,
All he has created,
Natures Masterpiece.

Yet do you take a moment?
To Thank him deeply from your soul?
Do you acknowledge,
His coming and his goal?

A bittersweet embrace,
This hushed and quiet night,
I see him, my Savior,
In such a different light.

Of what have we taken notice?
This Christmas quiet eve,
In all it's moment splendor,
What do we believe?

Why don't we take a moment,
To recall,
A cross upon a hill,
Or the road marked skull?

He died there as a criminal,
With a heathen and a robber,
One chose to scuff him,
One believed him "The Father".

On the hill there were two criminals,
Between the Lord of Hosts,
One chose eternal life,
One chose to boast.

They each gave up thier spirit,
Their destiny was done,
One went with the father,
Through his only son.

When we choose the cross,
To bear this life we live,
Is it wise to choose world wisdom?
Over this sacrifice of his?

He will abide our choice,
For his will is to give that freedom,
Will we walk away?
Or will be believe him?